AZ Studio Workstations' Artist Spotlight: Josh Cavazos

Published on: Friday, November 17, 2023 14:00

Introducing our new Artist Spotlight series by AZ Studio Workstations! In this series, we feature our valued clients sharing their genuine experiences with our studio desks. We're thrilled to have real artists talk about why they chose us and how AZ Studio Workstations has transformed their creative spaces.

We're especially excited to showcase talented individuals such as musicians, producers, composers, and studio owners who have enhanced their studios with our workstations. Today, we are honored to feature Josh Cavazos, a composer, pianist, orchestrator, arranger, and producer from San Antonio, Texas. Josh will be sharing his insights on how his creative workflow has been completely transformed by the Spike 88 Studio Desk. Stay tuned for an engaging and insightful article as Josh Cavazos takes the spotlight in today's edition!

Artist Spotlight: Josh Cavazos

Josh Cavazos is a composer, pianist, orchestrator, arranger, and producer from San Antonio, TX. He owns and operates a recording studio out of his home, where he is frequently called upon to score music for media, produce songs in many styles, and arrange music for various ensembles. He has written custom music scores for over 60 media productions, including the Brazil based series “Tetelestai,” “The Daily Devotions”, and “The 13 Day Prayer Challenge.” He has released a total of 5 solo instrumental albums and has just released a COVID tribute piece called “The Cure,” that is available on all streaming platforms. He is currently working on scoring and producing a mini documentary called “Prayers for Cassie” that will be released in late 2024 and will benefit cancer therapy. This documentary will also feature a duet between himself and Tina Guo, solo cellist to Hans Zimmer. Josh has a bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance and a Graduate Degree in Composition, both from Texas State University, and he resides in San Antonio with his wife, Allison and their two children.

When Josh was looking for a production desk for his home studio workstation space he had specific requirements. “I knew I needed something that would hold my 88 key M-Audio keyboard controller, have a keyboard tray that could slide the board in and out, would be ergonomic due to the long working hours in the studio, and would be of the highest professional build and quality.” 

After thorough research on the AZ Studio Workstations website and asking them for a recommendation, he decided on the Spike 88 Studio desk. “This desk has been a tremendous benefit to my studio space and workflow. Not only does it hold my keyboard with no issues, it looks extremely clean and professional, and has plenty of space for my three screens to view my ProTools transport, mixing screen, and videos,” shared Cavazos.

Why Josh Cavazos Chose the Spike 88 Studio Desk

For almost 15 years, the Spike 88 Studio Desk has consistently ranked among our top sellers. Renowned for its durability, ergonomic design, and sleek aesthetics, many users find it to be the ideal size for their spaces. This studio desk boasts a full-extension 88-keyboard tray, an adjustable keyboard tray, 6 Rack Units, grommet holes for seamless cable management, and straightforward assembly.

Crafted with precision, the Spike 88 Studio Desk is tailored for home studios with limited space. You can comfortably accommodate your monitor(s) and speakers on the desk's top shelf while utilizing the rack space underneath. Elevate your music production experience with this workstation, designed to enhance your workflow and efficiency.

The Impact on Josh Cavazos’ Studio

Cavazos says, “Before purchasing the Spike 88 Studio Desk, I was using a smaller non-production desk that did not have nearly the real estate that the Spike 88 Studio Desk has. It also did not have a sliding tray, so I did not have the necessary space to accommodate my gear. I had also started to experience some muscle cramping in my arm, due to the fact that my setup was not ergonomic, and I was spending long hours working there. 

Since purchasing the Spike 88 Studio Desk, not only has my workflow improved due to the extra space, but my working experience is so much more positive and enjoyable. All the gear fits perfectly, is easily accessible, and I have not had one issue of physical discomfort due to the perfect layout and space of the structure. All of these benefits help me to easily stay relaxed and creative in my space each day.” 


In addition to the impact the Spike 88 Studio Desk made to his workflow, Cavazos also expressed “I would highly recommend that any music artist, producer, studio owner, or musician check out the AZ Studio Workstations. Not only are the production desks spacious and of the highest quality, but their customer service is incredible, and they were so helpful in the entire process for me. Seeing and experiencing the difference firsthand, I’m convinced that an AZ Studio Workstations desk would be one of the wisest investments you can make for your studio.”

To check out what Josh Cavazos’ is up to and to hear his latest work, visit his Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Website.

How You Can Elevate Your Studio with AZ Studio Workstations

AZ Studio Workstations is synonymous with exceptional customer service. Our commitment extends beyond just listening to our clients' needs; we take decisive action. With a range of workstations meticulously crafted to cater to our clients' specific requirements, choosing AZ Studio Workstations promises to revolutionize your studio space.

A workspace that you take pride in can transform your entire creative experience each time you sit down at your music workstation. It's a proven fact: your emotions influence your output, and feeling great leads to producing something truly outstanding. As Cavazos aptly puts it, "All your gear will fit perfectly, be easily accessible, and with an ergonomic setup, you can bid farewell to the aches and pains caused by suboptimal layouts and structures." Discover the difference with the Spike 88 Studio Desk or explore and find the workstation that best aligns with your needs and preferences.

Olea Zelaya Business Operations Manager, AZ Studio
Business Operations Manager, AZ Studio
Olea Zelaya
My years of research and experience in studio desks has allowed me to help thousands of musicians find the best suitable workstation for their musical needs. I find satisfaction in hearing our clients feedback and success stories when their workstation improves their workflow both productively and ergonomically.
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