The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Right Studio Workstation

Published on: Wednesday, November 1, 2023 14:00

Selecting the right studio workstation for your home or music studio can be a complex decision. This guide is designed to help you navigate the common questions about finding the perfect desk. Music producers understand the significance of this choice, as your studio workstation will serve as the central hub for your gear, impacting your workflow, comfort, and overall productivity in your professional recording studio. Since studio desk workstations vary in terms of features, quality, and craftsmanship, finding the ideal desk can be challenging. Therefore, this article will provide insights into the key factors to consider when selecting the perfect studio workstation that meets your needs as an artist or professional.

4 Components To Consider When Buying A Studio Workstation

1. Size: Finding The Right Fit

Size is a critical factor in selecting the ideal studio desk that suits both your needs and available space. You'll want to ensure that the workstation comfortably fits in your studio without overcrowding it. To help with your choice, you can find detailed technical specifications and dimension information for each workstation on our website's product pages.

To ensure your studio space accommodates your equipment and your new workstation effectively, you should measure your available space and consider the equipment you plan to place on the workstation, such as computer monitors, rack gear, keyboards, audio mixers, and monitors. If you have limited space or prefer not to place monitors on the desk, consider speaker stands as a stylish and space saving option.

Another common question to consider is whether your keyboard will fit on the pullout keyboard tray of the music studio desk. In most cases, AZ Studio's standard keyboard tray size (approximately 58” W x 16” D x 6.5” H) accommodates most 88-key keyboards. However, for specific models like the Yamaha Montage 8 keyboard, which has different dimensions, we can customize the tray to fit your keyboard model. Whether you require a spacious workstation like our 102-inch-wide Apex Studio Workstation or a more compact option like the 61.5-inch-wide Artista Studio Desk, suitable for an 88-key keyboard, we've got you covered.

Ultimately, finding the right size studio desk is easy with AZ Studio Workstation. Our customer service team is knowledgeable and able to assist with any questions. From specifications on your gear, or size customizations you might need. We aim to tailor your workstation to fit your needs.

2. Ergonomics For Long Hours

Ergonomics are a crucial factor when choosing a studio desk workstation. Considering the long hours you spend in your studio, it's essential to prioritize an ergonomic workstation that promotes a comfortable and healthy working posture. Ask yourself key questions like whether you sit for extended periods or require extra leg space due to your height. 

Optimal ergonomic desk setup can help prevent fatigue and repetitive strain injuries, allowing you to concentrate on your projects. Sit-stand desks in particular are great for ergonomic health because they reduce prolonged sitting, promote movement, encourage better posture, and alleviate back pain. In fact, our sit-stand studio desks have been a smash hit since they came out nearly a decade ago. One of AZ Studio Workstation’s many satisfied buyers described their experience:

"The desk is spacious and beautiful. Choosing the sit-stand version has alleviated my neck and back discomfort during long sessions. It's easy to assemble and a sturdy piece of furniture. My interaction with sales and customer support was outstanding!"

3. Features Galore: Assessing Your Requirements

Consider the features you will need based on your specific studio setup and workflow. This will determine rack space, keyboard tray, cable management, accessories, storage, and sturdiness.

1. Rack Gear

To maintain organization, consider installing your rack gear on your studio workstation with rack rails. Depending on your gear's size, AZ Studio can customize our music studio desks to fit specific rack sizes (2RU, 3RU, and 4RU). We also offer rack cabinets for keeping your equipment organized.

2. Pullout keyboard tray

Opt for a pullout keyboard tray capable of accommodating an 88-key keyboard beneath the desktop. It's a space-saving feature that enhances your studio setup and allows you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing at your desk.

3. Cable management

Some of our studio desks already feature four cable management hooks at the rear. We recommend assessing your cable management requirements once your desk arrives and equipment setup begins. If you need additional cable management solutions, reasonably priced options can be found on or Amazon.

4. Monitor shelf

Some studio desks include a standard monitor shelf (bridge) along the top of the desktop, usually 2RU high. This can be customized to accommodate your rack gear, but be aware that adjusting the height may impact your monitor's positioning and ergonomic desk setup.

5. Sturdiness

One of the most frequently asked questions from our customers is about the sturdiness of AZ Studio's desks. Rest assured, our desks are built to last and capable of supporting all your equipment needs, ensuring durability and reliability.

4. Needs Of The Artist Or Buyer

Our studio desks cater to a diverse range of buyers, including guitarists, recording artists, electronic music producers, and gamers. Each group has unique requirements:

  • Guitarists: Typically prefer extra leg space or storage in place of a keyboard tray.
  • Recording artists: Often have extensive rack gear, requiring desk modifications or larger workstations like the AZ Pro 88 Studio Workstation or Apex Studio Workstation. For space-conscious artists, the Mobile Rack Cart offers 11RU capacity.
  • Electronic Music Producers: Require ample desktop space for drum pad controllers, MIDI keyboards, mixers, and audio interfaces. A 2RU space is often sufficient, with storage under the bridge and a top shelf for monitors.
  • Gamers: The Commander Gaming Desk offers options for gamers, including sit-stand or standard legs, a headphone holder, and a CPU swivel holder.
Additionally, cost can also influence choice, making the budget-friendly Spike 88 Studio Desk being a popular option. It includes features like a full-extension 88-keyboard tray, adjustable keyboard tray heights, 6RU spaces, a cable management grommet hole, and easy assembly. You can request a keyboard tray cutout for extra knee space.

Other considerations include your aesthetic preferences, as our studio workstations come in various styles and finishes to match your studio setup.

Lastly, think about future expansion needs. Ensure your workstation can accommodate equipment upgrades without overcrowding your space, allowing for future growth.

Discover Your Perfect Studio Desk At AZ Studio Workstations

Your studio workstation is more than just a piece of furniture; it's the central hub that will support your workflow for years to come. Whether you're a musician, producer, audio engineer, or gamer, it's a worthwhile investment. We pride ourselves on crafting high-quality, customizable, and ergonomic studio furniture and accessories, earning trust nationwide. Our diverse selection of workstations caters to various studio setups, ensuring the perfect fit for your unique needs. Explore our best-seller, the Spike 88 Studio Desk, to discover its features and read the glowing reviews from our satisfied customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Olea Zelaya Business Operations Manager, AZ Studio
Business Operations Manager, AZ Studio
Olea Zelaya
My years of research and experience in studio desks has allowed me to help thousands of musicians find the best suitable workstation for their musical needs. I find satisfaction in hearing our clients feedback and success stories when their workstation improves their workflow both productively and ergonomically.
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